Texas'own vintage choo choo train

Happy Trails Rail brings fun and excitement to any celebration. Parents love our family-friendly set-up and children love the train’s flashing lights and colorful cars. Kids and adults alike love taking rides together and leave with long-lasting fond memories of their time on our choo choo train.

Train details

James Gauna, the man behind Happy Trails Rail, lovingly built it with his own hands. In September 2011, James rebuilt the Coal Car so that it runs as a good coal car should!

The vintage style choo choo train has 4 brightly colored cars. Each car holds 4-6 kids, or 3-4 kids and 1 adult – 20-25 kids in total. It is approximately 32 feet and can travel up to 300 miles.

In order to run properly, the trackless choo choo train needs an adequate sized area to accommodate its length, and a turn radius of about 20 feet.

A typical event runs for approximately 120 - 480 minutes - plenty of time to tire out the children before bed!

So whether it’s a birthday party, a church or corporate function or a school event, our choo choo train is equipped for maximum fun!

Happy Trails Rail brings joy to the community. Call us today at 972-877-3801 and let us make your next event unforgettable.